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Residence Certificate in Chiang Mai

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The Residence Certificate aka T.M. 6 is a document that is used to document one's legal address. This is specifically required for things like obtaining or renewing a Drivers License.

In the past, it was possible to use an affidavit certified by one's consulate or embassy. However, that is both more expensive (a fee is charged, it was $50 USD at the US Consulate in 2018), and in the case of Americans, the US Consulate no longer provides this service.

Fees and Requirements for the Residence Certificate

As of 2019, the Residence Certificate is free (previously there was a 500 THB fee). However, there is a wait of 2-3 weeks to receive the certificate once applied for. In order to expedite the certificate and get it within 1-2 working days, a visa company needs to be paid a 1,000 THB fee.

Requirements include:

  • Original Passport
  • Copy of T.M. 30 (Alien Registration)
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Horse Riding in Chiang Mai

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There are quite a few venues for riding horses in Chiang Mai, including horse riding courses and trail rides. Laddaland is the main riding club with dozens of horses, but there are many other smaller outfits as well.

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