Horse Riding in Chiang Mai

There are quite a few venues for riding horses in Chiang Mai, including horse riding courses and trail rides. Laddaland is the main riding club with dozens of horses, but there are many other smaller outfits as well. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai University Veterinary Facility - Website - Facebook Doi Kham Thai Horse Conservation - ... Read more

Thai vs. English Consonants

Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between two languages is an effective tactic for second language learners. Direct cognitive awareness of those differences, while engaging in recognition and production of the differences, is more effective than indirect trial and error. Instruction and exercises that highlight these differences are important for mastery.

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Free Thai Font Collection

Recent changes to the Thai Font Collection Thai Font Collection last updated on 2020-03-18 Added Cadson Demak Sarabun font family (different from TH Sarabun New under DIP SIPA). Adding 16 typefaces for the font family. Refreshed NECTEC-TLWG fonts, expanding them to match what is available in the 2020-01-04 Debian distribution. Total of 58 typefaces in ... Read more

Chiang Mai to Pattaya

Traveling from Chiang Mai to Pattaya has several options including various planes, trains, buses, and mini-buses and taxis, if desired. For a good balance of cheap and fast, the best option is CNX to BKK and a 2 hour bus from BKK to downtown Pattaya / Jomtien. For the fastest / most expensive there are ... Read more

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