Mosquitos in Thailand – Annoyance, Dengue, Malaria

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In Thailand, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, lymphatic filariasis, and malaria. Mosquitos are considered the most lethal animal in terms of human deaths -- killing more humans than humans on a yearly basis -- as it is a vector for several deadly diseases.

In Thailand, the major risk is for Dengue, as it is found in urban areas where transmission of the disease is much more readily than Japanese encephalitis (largely confined to rural pig farms), and Malaria (also mostly found in rural, remote locations).

Dengue is endemic to nearly all of South and Southeast Asia, as well as parts of Africa and South America. Since there are a variety of strains of Dengue (serotypes), early-stage vaccinations (which are not widely available) may be effective against only one or a few of them.