Thai Food Cards – Set 1


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44 Thai Food Cards - Set 1 - The Basics

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Over 50 different dishes, including:

  • Condiments
  • Thai curries and soups
  • Thai rice noodles and fresh noodles
  • Thai rice dishes
  • Ready-made eatery food
  • Common restaurant food
  • Ordering guide cards

Each Food Card Contains

  • Flavors (salty, sweet, sour, spicy)
  • Locations (market, street-side, restaurants, vending carts)
  • Description of the food including ingredients and how to order
  • A drawing of the most common presentation
  • Food names and descriptions in Thai
  • Phonetic transcription and tone graphs help with pronunciation
  • Cards are safe and non-toxic - edible, soy-based ink

Learn How to Order

  • Try different food without being able to read or speak Thai
  • Use the cards to communicate with Thai people
  • Get an idea of what the food tastes like before ordering
  • Be able to avoid food with certain ingredients, allergies, etc.

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