Thai Language Typing Software

There are a variety of Thai language touch typing programs, as well as virtual keyboards to support Thai. Discussed below are programs in learning to touch type the Thai keyboard. This will always be different than typing or swiping letters/words on a mobile device, as the latter requires eyesight.

Thai Language Touch Typing

For Thai Language touch typing practice, there are different programs for Mac OSX and for Microsoft Windows.

Fonts Needed for Thai Typing Tutor

You will need the DBTT font for this to work. Install as per your operating system (for Windows, simply drag and drop the dbtt.ttf file into the c:/windows/fonts directory).

Thai Typing Game for the Web Browser

Web-based game on the website. This uses Javascript (so it must be enabled).

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  1. Sorry about the problems you’re having with Vista / Windows 7. I made the app a while ago, and it does have a few probs with the modern OSs.

    Although hopefully those problems can be overcome with the following extra info (I’ve added a few other tidbits of info too):

    Install Problems (Vista / Windows 7) Right click the install file and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

    Font Problems Some users were having problems with the thai font on Windows Vista/7 systems. Here is a manual solution:

    1) Find the font file at: “C:\Program Files\Thai Typing Tutor\angsd___.ttf” 2) Drag’n’drop this file into: “C:\Windows\Fonts”

    (*don’t copy/paste, use drag’n’drop!)

    Editing your own lessons You can add your own lessons as text files in the path: “C:\Program Files\Thai Typing Tutor\Lessons”

    These text files need to be saved as 8-bit ASCII (TIS-60), which is difficult to do in modern OSs like Vista and W7. Fortunately, David Sharman suggests using the ‘crude thai typing program’ to save 8-bit thai text files. Available at:

  2. Creating Your Own ThaiType Lesson:-

    01) Find any Thai words you can on web. Copy those Thai words to “Thai Language TIS-620 Converter” 02) On the freeware. Click on –> TIS-620 to convert those Thai words to TIS-620. 03) Select all the Thai words and copy to notepad. 04) Save the notepad. 04) Copy the saved notepad to C:\Program Files\Thai Typing Tutor\Lessons. 05) Now you can start your own lesson.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for coming up with this software.

    I’ve installed the program successfully (I’m on XP) but the text which I am supposed to type appears as grey boxes. However, when I type the right key, the text appears correctly in Thai font (yellow colour).

    Any solutions to this problem?

    I have added the angsd___.ttf to the fonts folder.


    • Hi Shalom,

      Oh, this problem sounds familiar too. I think this problem was occurring in Thai Typing Tutor v1.04b. But thanks to a korean user, Jinu, for originally pointing this out to me, I think I fixed this in v1.04c. I’m guessing a lot of web-sites still have v1.04b, but I’ve kept v1.04c available here, hope this fixes your problem, along with anyone else experiencing the same problem:

  4. I got the program to run but maybe I was expecting something different. How can I convert my keyboard so that I can actually type in Thai in any documents such as MS Word or online?

    • Try these instructions on setting up Thai keyboard in Windows.

      • Kedmanee is the most common keyboard layout
      • Many (most) Thai people use the backtick/tilde key as the hotkey to switch between English and Thai
      • If you do not have Thai characters on the physical keyboard, there are overlay stickers that you can buy in computer accessory stores (maybe $3 USD or so), or online. These are ok, but do wear out over time. For the heavy computer user, a physical keyboard with Thai characters preprinted on the keys is a much better solution ($5-10 USD at computer accessory stores).

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