Thailand Commercial Flights

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There are a number of low-cost commercial carriers which operate domestic and regional flights in and around Thailand. There are also the larger traditional airliners with many more international flights, the most well-known being Thai Airways. Safety records in and around Thailand are generally quite good. Those airliners with recent problems include Malaysian Air Asia and Indonesian Lion Air, as well as other Indonesian airlines. The entire airline industry in Indonesia was banned from flying to the European Union from 2007 until the ban was lifted in 2018. Both Indonesian and Malaysian airlnes have come under criticism for their poor safety record.

Because air safety is regulated by national governments, airlines operating under the same name but in different countries can have very different safety profiles. For example, Thailand Air Asia and Thailand Lion Air have good safety records. Locally, Nok Air has had some safety issues over the past few years. For budget carriers, these are popular for various domestic and regional flights.

Google Flights

Along with a variety of other websites, Google flights is a flight and fare search, and includes a fare tracker, and a search by map, which can show lowest prices to destinations in a region. Very handy when there is more flexibility about where to go and when.

Domestic and Regional Airliners


  • Air Asia - 173 cities throughout Asia
  • Nok Air - Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Laos, Myanmar
  • Thai Lion Air
  • Thai Smile (Budget carrier from Thai Airways) -
  • Viet Jet - Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, China, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand,


Commercial Airports in Thailand

There are quite a few smaller airports in Thailand, but the main ones are:

There are many other airports, including: Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchatani, Khorat, Pattaya, etc.

Regional Airports in Southeast Asia

These are some of the more popular and busier airports, though most countries have quite a few smaller airports as well, which are growing in use. While Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar have few local airports, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singpore have dozens each.