Thai Keyboard Layouts

This article is about Thai keyboard layouts for desktop and laptop computers, which have a hardware and software component. This does not deal with virtual or soft keyboards or mobile device layouts.

Thai Keyboard Layouts are generally something Thai speakers and Thai language learners have little problem with because of a de facto standard, although there are three specific standards, in practice (along with ISO and ANSI layouts).

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Free Thai Font Collection

Recent changes to the Thai Font Collection Thai Font Collection last updated on 2020-03-18 Added Cadson Demak Sarabun font family (different from TH Sarabun New under DIP SIPA). Adding 16 typefaces for the font family. Refreshed NECTEC-TLWG fonts, expanding them to match what is available in the 2020-01-04 Debian distribution. Total of 58 typefaces in ... Read more

Thai vs. English Consonants

Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between two languages is an effective tactic for second language learners. Direct cognitive awareness of those differences, while engaging in recognition and production of the differences, is more effective than indirect trial and error. Instruction and exercises that highlight these differences are important for mastery.

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